Saturday, October 22, 2011

Physical Education G-O-O-O-A-L setting!

We are well into our unit on soccer and we have played some very fun lead up games in this very fun sport! As we develop our skills in dribbling, trapping, and passing the soccer ball with accuracy; our chances for success increase.

We have learned that our passing with the instep/inside of our foot is critical in dribbling/passing accuracy. The topside of our sneakers/shoelaces is the perfect spot for distance kicking of the soccer ball. And if we don't line ourselves up in the direction that we want the ball to go, we know now that our accuracy is not so, well, accurate.

A great game of 2 v 2 soccer was introduced to us in our last class. What fun we had!

Mr. C and Lisa always ask that we just try our best. With that said, we are well on the way to success!

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