Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Big Idea-Talking about Themes

Kamal, Jazzmin, Miles, Daniel, Bela and Celine talked about themes in the book eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff, that stood out to them in a meaningful way. Our last discussion for this book paved the way for future thinking and writing about "big ideas" in novels. In preparation for this discussion, they each had to select a theme and then find three quotes in the book, one at the beginning, one from the middle and one from the end of the book to support their idea.
As they presented their selections they shared their thinking about how they would proceed if they went to the next step of writing an essay. Celine's selection from the beginning of the book sets the stage for her big idea of identity. "But-missing? Sam Bell? Maybe he'd even been kidnapped. By Mack? And maybe Mack wasn't even his grandfather? Ridiculous. Sam thought." Jazzmin's quote from the middle of the book reflected the very beginning of his deciding to pick Caroline as a friend who could help him in his quest to find out about his identity. " She was the one. Somehow he'd get her to help." Daniel's last selection from the book about his theme of Identity/Reading/ Family was a very moving one. "Foghorns. Freighters appearing then disappearing in the mist. Rocks. A splintering noise. The water level with the edge of the boat, black, cold. Night cat. Water in his eyes, his mouth. An then Mack. "I've got you. You're safe." Safe. Safe. " It was great to watch the support and suggestions each member of this group gave to each other.

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