Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Birth of The Pink Feathered Chicken of Insult and Death

AFS had the honor of hosting author James Kennedy and it was an awe inspiring and amazing time punctuated with bouts of hilarity. James is the author of the young-adult science fiction novel Order of the Odd Fish, a story about an orphan girl, Jo Larouche, who joins a special group of idiosyncratic knights that go on pointless and random quests and somehow defeat their villainous enemies, including the diapered Belgian Prankster.

5th grade had the unique privilege of having James visit twice - yesterday, in a workshop introducing us to his writing through theatrical and uproarious readings, and today, in the Dome of DOOM. James worked with us for an hour, helping us to learn the fine art of the insult - piercing language that preys upon the weaknesses, ridiculousness, and ludicrousness of our enemies. The vicious battles included intense battles between the aptly named Pink Feathered Chicken of Insult and Death, Athos, the Crazy, Deformed Orangutan, Mako - Fearsome Ninja of Death, Sanwrath, Destroyer of All the is Good - AKA Mako, Eteripius - The Dog Loving Pirate of Hideous Horror Filled Hats, Snarf-Snarf, Nabra - The All-Seeing Snail of Slithering Sympathy, Elmo -The One-Eyed Devourer - just to name a few. Thank you to James Kennedy for an amazing day and a half of wonderful, creativity-inducing learning!

Check out our battles below including our crazy dance fights at the end. (More videos posted tomorrow!)

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