Sunday, February 5, 2012

AFS Build-a-House Contest - Science Room News

Each year, 5th grade students are invited to build their "dream" house to present at Science Night.  This contest used to be sponsored by Habitat for Humanity, but they stopped doing the competition two years ago.  The students had enjoyed the project so much that we decided to hold our own contest!   The rules for the contest are below.  If you have any questions about this at all, please contact Rosanne, Anne, Jane or Karoyle.
You may build your house out of anything at all!  Use your imagination: use pebbles, marshmallows, Model Magic, fabric, etc…  In the past we’ve seen houses built inside of open umbrellas, houses with streams running through them, lives plants in gardens, plexiglass houses, tree houses, beach houses, etc…  You will need to submit a 250-word essay describing your house and why it is a “dream” house. Your house must be completed and brought to school by Tuesday April 10th.   Judging will happen during Science Night and the awards will be announced at a Lower School Assembly. 

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