Friday, February 17, 2012

Extended Day V-Day!

During our Valentine's Day afternoon, we decided to embrace the love that permeated through the air, and we united with our older friends from downstairs to enjoy a special love day afternoon!

We joined together to participate in a Valentine's Day scavanger hunt which was put together by some of the great teachers downstairs. Each clue was written on a heart and placed strategically throughout Lower School. What a world we live in when people even so young are searching for love...sigh...

Friends enjoyed working together to search for the clues and traveling around the Lower School while engaging with people that they have often seen but may not have had the chance to connect with yet.
It was wonderful to watch the teamwork involved in the activity, as well as the sharing of the roles, such as leading the group or reading the clues.
(Extended Day friends also helped me edit these pictures! "Make this one look like old time!")

After the scavanger hunt was over and the prize was discovered (soft pretzels, anyone?) we shared some more time as an integrated Extended Day group by playing on the "big kid" playground. Many friends enjoyed climbing together on the jungle gym, basketball, and a joint game of helicopter-jumping over a low-swinging jumprope while standing in a circle:
Activities like these help to strengthen the unique ties that are created throughout the grades during our time together and build a stronger Extended Day community.

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