Friday, September 23, 2011

Physical Education with Mr. C and Lisa

Football, Football, we're playing Football!

My what an awesome time we are having learning the skills of throwing and catching a football in Physical Education class! We have learned how to properly hold a football. Oh my, what a spiral throw looks and feels like... we love it! Fingers on the seams are so important. Point, step and throw. Make sure that you have a good target for catching! Tuck that ball when you catch it.

When we had class outside earlier in the 7 day cycle rotation, we learned a fun lead up game to football called "2 Minute Drill". We had three people in our groups and were given position titles. Center, Quarterback and Wide Receiver... Ready, Set, Hike!!! Touch Down!!!

The highlight of the unit was playing the lead up game, "Ultimate Football"! Two teams; three players on the playing surface. The members of the team on the sidelines are important because they can help the three players to advance the ball to the End Zone.

Defense, Defense, Offense too! Touch Down, Touch Down, Touch Down, Whew!

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