Thursday, September 15, 2011


Here is a self-portrait project that Karolye began with fifth grade students. She was interested in helping them recognize the tone or value of a color. She wanted them to experiment with tonal value to create interest and excitement in their self portraits. Working with black and white tempera paint they created a grey scale. They sketched their image in pencil from a black and white photo of themselves, then spent time observing the placement and shapes of light and shadow on the photo. This allowed them to bring dimensionality to their portraits once they started to paint.

This project was a perfect challenge for fifth graders, building on what they have already learned about creating self portraits in previous years. It was also a great way to use our first integration period, since the challenge meant that many children needed support as they tried to add depth rather than flat highlights to their faces. Here Rosanne talks with Colin about shading and highlights.

During Integration, 5th Grade students sketched and painted their
Self Portraits in grayscale.

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